BMW EfficientDynamics in the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer.

Like all top athletes, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer knows how to use its strength to the maximum effect. The combination of BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and intelligent BMW EfficientDynamics energy management helps to ensure lower fuel consumption and emissions, without compromising on BMW driving pleasure in the slightest.

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Thanks to BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, the innovative BMW petrol and diesel engines facilitate a far more agile power delivery. They offer outstanding responsiveness, even at low rpms, while remaining exceptionally fuel efficient and low in emissions. The newest generation of engines from the EfficientDynamics family combine cutting-edge fuel-injection technologies and completely variable power distribution with innovative turbocharger technology to enhance efficiency and dynamics.

Power and efficiency in one

The BMW TwinPower Turbo engines in the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer.


The ECO PRO Mode helps drivers reduce their fuel consumption by up to 20 percent, depending on their driving style – according to an internal BMW fuel consumption study. The coasting function (only with automatic transmission) and ECO PRO Route (only with Navigation System Professional) offer increased saving potential.

  • ECO PRO Route
  • Coasting


The Automatic Start/Stop function ensures that fuel is only used when the car is moving. When the vehicle comes to a temporary stop, for example at traffic lights or in stop-and-go traffic, the Automatic Start/Stop function saves fuel by switching off the engine as soon as the car is idling and the foot is off the clutch (manual transmission), or when the car comes to a complete standstill (automatic transmission).
A signal in the Info Display indicates when the Automatic Start/Stop function is active. As soon as the clutch is pressed (manual transmission) or the foot is removed from the brake (Steptronic transmission), the engine springs back to life automatically.
The Automatic Start/Stop function never compromises driving comfort and safety, as it remains inactive if the engine has not reached its ideal running temperature, the interior has not yet been sufficiently heated/cooled, if the battery level is too low or if the steering wheel is being turned. A central control unit restarts the engine if required, even when the car is at a standstill − for example, if the car starts to roll forward or if the windscreen becomes foggy. The Automatic Start/Stop function can be switched off at any time with the push of a button.


Every time the brakes are applied, kinetic energy is generated and until recently this energy has not been used. Brake Energy Regeneration takes advantage of this long-overlooked potential. It harnesses the coasting energy that is generated whenever the driver brakes or takes his or her foot off the accelerator and turns it into electricity. This electricity is then used to charge the car battery. The intelligent energy management system means that the alternator no longer needs to run constantly, which reduces the strain on the generator. The result is classic BMW EfficientDynamics, with significantly reduced fuel consumption and increased performance.


Performing optimum, perfectly-timed gear changes can help you save fuel, particularly in urban traffic and over long distances. The engine’s electronics system identifies the most efficient gear, based on road conditions and engine speed. An arrow lights up in the Info Display to show when it would be more efficient to shift into a higher or lower gear. The system also recognises quick acceleration, and will delay its recommendation accordingly until the engine speed is up. Comparative tests have shown that vehicles with the Optimum Shift Indicator use around 4 percent less fuel.