BMW EfficientDynamics in the BMW X6.

The BMW X6 knows how to harness its resources. The proof is the irresistible dynamics coupled with low fuel consumption and emissions. Unadulterated driving pleasure is guaranteed, thanks to innovative BMW EfficientDynamics technologies such as an intelligent lightweight construction and ingenious aerodynamics.

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Thanks to lightweight construction, every gram shed from the vehicle's weight increases driving pleasure. The less weight there is to move, the less energy is needed to move it.
BMW applied this insight to vehicle construction back in the 1930s and has been continually refining it ever since. Our engineers constantly ask themselves where it makes sense to reduce weight, and where would it be impractical? The result is intelligent lightweight construction. This encompasses the use of ultra-lightweight materials like magnesium in the dashboard mount or aluminium in the suspension and bonnet. An undercarriage cover made from textile materials has a positive acoustic effect and also reduces weight. This means that the car as a whole is significantly lighter than its predecessors.


The entire design of the new BMW X6 is testament to the BMW EfficientDynamics philosophy. The optimised, aerodynamic front apron and undercarriage feature innovative improvements that reduce air resistance and fuel consumption.
The integrated Air Curtain channels air through two vertical air inlets and along the front wheel arches. The accelerated air flow creates a kind of “curtain” on the outer side of the wheels. At the same time, the Air Breather channels the air flow at the front wheels. These innovative technologies reduce turbulence and air resistance, which in turn reduces fuel consumption.

While driving, the air vent control uses a sensor to continuously monitor whether the engine requires cooling and opens or closes the vents accordingly. The optimised aerodynamics and shortened engine warm-up period reduces fuel consumption.


The 8-speed Sport Automatic Transmission Steptronic adapts to suit individual driving styles. It is perfect for everything from comfortable cruising through to a very dynamic drive.

In addition to automatic gear selection, it is of course possible to shift gears manually at any time. The gear can be shifted using the dynamically designed selector lever or the shift paddles on the steering wheel.

In Sport mode, the gear shifts are configured for maximum performance. Thanks to the fine increments and eight gears, the engine is always kept at the level at which it can make best use of its power and efficiency. It also makes acceleration faster, when overtaking another vehicle for example.

When travelling at high speeds, the additional eighth gear reduces the required engine speed, thereby also reducing the fuel consumption and engine noise. This is also where the newly developed converter clutch comes into play. The 8-speed Sport Automatic Transmission Steptronic offers the greatest shifting comfort and the best possible efficiency.


The ECO PRO Mode helps drivers reduce their fuel consumption by up to 20 percent, depending on their driving style – according to an internal BMW fuel consumption study.
The coasting function, the Route-Ahead Assist and ECO PRO Route make it possible to save a further 5 percent.

  • Coasting

    The coasting function decouples the drive train from the engine and the vehicle rolls without the transmission. The car then “coasts” when the driver takes the foot from the gas between 50 and 160 km/h, does not apply the brakes, and the Route-Ahead Assist does not adjust the speed.

  • Route-Ahead Assist

    Based on data from the navigation system, the Route-Ahead Assist recognises curves, built-up areas, speed limits and highway exits, and gives the driver tips in advance about when to stop accelerating.

  • ECO PRO Route

    ECO PRO Route shows the most efficient route based on the traffic situation, driving style and road conditions. The on-board computer displays the percentage of fuel that can be saved by driving along the route selected by ECO PRO Route.


The intelligent energy management in the new BMW X6 is provided by a number of standard-feature BMW EfficientDynamics technologies, including the Auto Start-Stop function, Electric Power Steering and Brake Energy Regeneration. The interplay between these technologies ensures sustainable mobility and maximum efficiency.

  • Automatic Start/Stop function

    The Automatic Start/Stop function ensures that fuel is only used when the car is moving. When the vehicle comes to a temporary stop, for example at traffic lights or in stop-and-go traffic, the Automatic Start/Stop function saves fuel by switching off the engine as soon as the car comes to a complete standstill.

    A signal in the Info Display indicates when the Automatic Start/Stop function is active. As soon as the foot is taken from the brake, the engine springs back to life automatically.

    The function never compromises driving comfort and safety, as it remains inactive if the engine has not reached its optimal running temperature, the interior has not yet been sufficiently heated or cooled, if the battery level is too low or if the steering wheel is being turned. If necessary, a central control unit restarts the engine even when at a standstill, for example if the car begins to roll or if condensation starts to form on the windscreen. The Automatic Start/Stop function can be switched off at any time at the push of a button.

  • Electric Power Steering

    Every time you turn the steering wheel, energy is consumed. But why should energy be consumed when the wheel is not being turned? BMW Electric Power Steering is only active when it’s needed. Unlike conventional hydraulic steering systems, BMW EPS only uses energy when the wheel is actively being turned. When the steering angle is constant, the electric motor remains inactive.

  • Brake Energy Regeneration

    Every time the brakes are hit, kinetic energy is generated and until recently this energy went unused. Brake Energy Regeneration takes advantage of this long-overlooked potential. It harnesses the coasting energy that is generated whenever the driver brakes or takes his or her foot off the accelerator and turns it into electricity. This electricity is then used to charge the car battery. The intelligent energy management system means that the alternator no longer needs to run constantly, which reduces the strain on the generator. The result is reduced fuel consumption and increased performance. In other words, classic BMW EfficientDynamics.